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Far East Military Aviation Monitor


Defense Ministry to buy nine CN-295s for $325m
RI to Buy Sukhois
Air Force to replace aged AGSVs
Philippine Air Force steps up air strikes
Seoul Air Show Boosted by Korean Fighter, UAV, Helo and Missiles
Indonesia Takes Old US F-16 Fighter Jets
US guarantees F-16 deal: House
PAF to spend $49 million on F-16 fleet mid-life upgradation
China's Propulsion Push
BAE continues to eye deal with Malaysia
Brunei air force chief receives military award from S'pore
US air force cutting civilian jobs in S. Korea: report
SELEX Sistemi Integrati wins Thai contracts
Entire air force base under water
Taiwan Hawkeye aircraft head for US upgrading
Three rescue helicopters to join local Air Force before '12
Luke Air Force Base F-35 impact report delayed
China, Pakistan tout affordability of JF-17
Malaysia seeks AIM missiles
Israel-South Korea tensions rise over purchase of new IAF training planes
Israel, South Korea scrap over jet deal
Air Force plane crashes in Zambo; 2 pilots slightly injured
Philippine Air Force bomber crashlands; 2 pilots injured
Thailand offered UAV training service
Recent pattern of embarrassing Air Force errors
Air force drill to be held for first time on Pingtung highway
Air Force was unaware of loss of classified plans for six months
Boeing delivers first batch of 30000-pound bombs to Air Force
PAF exec: OV-10 bomber planes to fly again
PAF says bombers safe, may fly again
US says giving, not selling, F-16s to Indonesia
US outlines upgrades for Indonesian F-16 deal
JF-17 crashes in Pakistan's Kamra
Eurocopter sells two helicopters in Sichuan province
Air force jets conduct low approach drill on highway
Upgrading Taiwan's F-16s Is Not Enough
China's PLA Air Force Admits �25-30-year technology gap�
Air Force gets eight bunker buster bombs
China uses unpiloted aircraft for marine surveillance
China continues low altitude airspace trial for general aviation
Eurofighter Typhoon Visits LIMA for First Time
Malaysia's fighter contest intensifies ahead of LIMA air show
Israel could gain from Korean bid for IAF contract
Contest for $1 billion jet deal with Israel heats up
Air Force Covers Up Missile Crash
Raytheon's RACR Competes in South Korean F-16 Radar Procurement
Air Force OV-10s flying again
Indonesia eyes F-16s
Australia offers four stored C-130H transports to Indonesia
Cheap Competition For The F-16
Air force takes delivery of three Super Puma choppers

Taiwan receives three EC225 SAR helicopters

Indonesia Rescuers Fight Bad Weather in Search for Crashed Plane
PLAAF production technology level
Taiwan's Aircraft Carrier Killer
'Second-Hand' Boost for Indonesia's Air Defense
PKL Services wins $8 million Air Force contract
S. Korean Air Force under probe for lost files on wartime operational plan
PAF denies helicopter in Sulu shot down by Sayyaf
Funeral honors given to ill-fated UH-1H pilot, crew
T-50 Program In Full Swing
Rescuers find 18 bodies in Indonesia plane crash
HQ-4 Xianglong UAV Ready for Flight
Taiwan air defense solid, general says
Fighter upgrade process will not weaken Taiwan's air defense: MND
U.S. Declines Taiwan's Request To Buy New F-16s
Pentagon report backs US refusal to sell F-16 jets
Ma renews call for F-16C/D fighter sale
Fighters duel for Japan air defense contract
Lockheed to offer F-35 work to Japan firms to win bid
Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) Makes F-35 Offer
PLA Air Force denies news of advanced fighter crash
The J-7 and older PLAAF aircraft
Attachments fall off Japanese jet
South Korea threatens to cancel all defense deals with Israel
Korea woos IAF with aircraft deal
Indonesia's TNI turns 66, but has the military matured?
Saab Wins Thai Air Force ACCS Order
PLA air force denies rumors of experimental jet crash
National Geographic to air first film on Taiwan's Air Force exercise
Retired USAF officials back F-16 sales
Taiwan shows off arsenal at National Day military parade
Warplanes highlight Taipei show
US Correct in Selling F-16 Upgrades, Not New Jets, to Taiwan
Air force plans a major overhaul
Japan's aging air force plans major overhaul
Getting Serious About Taiwan's Air Power Needs
Fighter jet Xian JH-7 crashes during an exhibition held in China
Israel eyes S. Korean T-50 jet trainer
US Fighter Jets Deployed in Korea
Join Campaign against Sale of South Korean Jets to Israel
Malaysia's jet fighters under US control?
China Closes In On Japan
North Korean Air Force Left To Rot
Lockheed Martin eager to win Korea's FX-race
South Koreans Hope to Field KF-X Stealth Fighter by 2020
Eurojet offers South Korea EJ200 to power future fighter
Northrop radar on South Korean aircraft
President Aquino orders release of P10 billion for AFP modernization program
Samsung Cockpits Take Flight


South Korea receives first E-737
China air force to unveil new aerobatics teams
Evolution of PLAAF doctrine/training
PAF to acquire air defense radars
Japan Proceeding with FX Competition, Official Says
Indonesia and South Korea sign defense cooperation agreement
Spokesman: Philippine air force in bad shape
RAAF Hornets exercise with TNI-AU F-16s
China paper tells US not to play with fire over Taiwan
Lockheed CEO eyes new F-16s for Taiwan
COIN aircraft for the PLAAF?
Air Force to conduct 1st aerial refueling drill with US
Funding hinders Air Force modernization
Aging PAF planes claimed lives of 305 pilots
RoKAF to hold aerial refueling exercise
Indonesian win launches Grob's G120TP
Obama turns down Taiwan on new F-16s
Japan gets offers for new fighter jets
South Korean air force receives first E-737
Korean Air Wins Fresh Order to Overhaul US Fighter Jets
Air Force unveils 18 new trainer planes
New trainer jets, choppers for PAF
ROKAF receives first Peace Eye AEW&C aircraft
Peace Eye delivered to ROKAF
BAE, Northrop Grumman, Partner To Compete For Air Force TX Program
Pentagon Details Taiwan Air Force F-16 Modernization Plan
Three rescue helicopters to be delivered at year's end
US to aid Taiwan with $5.85B in fighter jet upgrades
US selling JDAM guided bombs to Taiwan
US arms sale offer in Taiwan's security interests: MND
AV/STOVL Fighter for Taiwan?
Taiwan Official Suggests F-35 As Future Alternative
Twelve Tsunami-Damaged JASDF Fighters To Be Written Off
JASDF KC-767 can now refuel U.S aircraft during exercises


RAAF exercises with JASDF fighters for the first time
JASDF F-15 arrives at RF-A
Indonesia strengthens links with South Korea
Taiwan lowers its military sights
Comments On: China's Su-27s In Taiwan
PLAAF Su-27 Chased U-2 Into Taiwan Airspace
China confirms naval pilot training underway
Korea gets first early warning aircraft
Americans favored in fight to replace Korea's F-4s
Korea's first surveillance plane tracks 1000 targets
First Aerial Surveillance Aircraft 'Peace Eye' Arrives in S. Korea
S. Korea, Indonesia to begin research on fighter jet
Two RMAF Jet Engines Taken Out Of Malaysia
Officer tells how jet engines went missing
Americans favored in fight to replace Korea's F-4s
Bangladesh Air Force Mi-8 copter in Ivory
China Officially Offers J-10 Fighters to Pakistan
China Offers J-10 Fighters to Pakistan
US to continue China spy flights despite Su-27 incident
China Is Filling Gaps In Its Military With Lots And Lots Of Missiles
MND urges US to greenlight Taiwan F-16C/D sale
Bolstering Japan's Defenses with F-35s
COIN aircraft for the PLAAF?
Chengdu flies Chinese-powered J-10 Fighter
J-10A vs. J-10B recognition tips
China Seeks UAV Capability
South Korea receives first 737 AEW&C Peace Eye aircraft
First 737 AWACS Arrives in South Korea
Florida governor lobbies Obama to sell F-16 C/Ds to Taiwan
AIDC to make Taiwanese high-end trainer aircraft
Eurocopter and PT Dirgantara Indonesia Team Up
China to start landing drills on carrier
Sea Trials Begin for Chinese Aircraft Carrier
Asian F-16s Could Get AESA Radars
South Korea Thinks F-35 Can Meet Schedule
Taiwan's False Drone Hope?
Taiwan urges US to approve F16s sale to avoid conflict
PLAN Gets Serious About Airborne Early Warning
Israel turning into main arms supplier to South Korea
The Strange Journey Of The JF-17
New Chinese stealth jet fuels talk of Russian help
Taiwan's AIDC balances defence and commercial work
Watch Out for China's Air Force
China's J-20 to be effective capability by 2018
Boeing (NYSE:BA) Delivers South Korea F15s
Boeing Delivers 3 More F-15K Slam Eagles to the Republic of Korea
Super Tucano for Indonesia Air Force arrived next year


Hillary on F-16s for Taiwan: We'll Tell You in October
Philippines to acquire Sok�l choppers for air defense
South Korea Shortlists PAK-FA Fighter
Chinese J-19 Snow Owl
Japanese F-15s arrive at Red Flag-Alaska
Japanese AF Calls For Speedy C-2 Deliveries
Australia joins with Japan for first bilateral air combat training
Burns's State nomination held up over Texas-Taiwan F-16 sales
Taiwan and F-16s Again
Taiwan says defense sales in US security interests
Why to Sell F-16s to Taiwan
Gripen operational with the Royal Thai Air Force
Liquidator seizes Royal Thai Air Force plane in Munich
Thai Air Force inducts Gripen fighters
Indonesia to Buy 50 Korean Fighter Jets
Indonesia teams up with S. Korea to develop fighter jet
Korea's Surion helicopter to receive missile protection from Cassidian
S Korean firm raises questions over bidding for basic trainers
China discloses J-10 fighter jet base to S. Korean defense chief
Helicopter crash kills three: Burmese official
Why to Sell F-16s to Taiwan
Indonesia confirms participation in South Korea KF-X programme
Universal-Equipped CN-235-110s Delivered
Joined-Wing UAV Revealed in China
China will give drones to Pakistan
Obama's Taiwanese AF F-16 Debacle
Taiwan lawmakers in US to push for F-16 C/D sales
F-16s: Don't ask, don't sell
Improved IDF Pointed At China
Gripen Operational in the Royal Thai Air Force
Thai Gripens declared operational
RoKAF to start aerial refueling training with USAF
RoKAF T-103 crashed due to fuel system failure
Air Force Fighter Jets to Practice Mid-Air Refueling
Indonesia-South Korea Fighter Jet Deal Readies for Take-Off Amid Expert Doubts
Poor Maintenance Blamed for Air Force Trainer Crash
Helicopter crash kills three: Myanmar official
Rosoboronexport makes a debut in Brunei
S76 crash Myanmar
CAE wins Army, Navy, and Air Force simulation contracts
Singapore's Fighter Jets Merely Fly Over Batu Putih For Training
KL insists airspace intrusions took place
Air Force fighter jets arrive in Alaska for Exercise Red Flag
Robins team standing by to assist with Japanese F-15 crash
Why Japan's F-15 Missing?
China admits J-15 development. Has already produced three
Dirgantara Joins Forces with Airbus Military
Chinese Fighters Fly Again Over Disputed Diaoyu Islands
Japan grounds F-15J fleet after crash
Japan Temporarily Grounds F-15 Fleet
Air force receives first upgraded fighters
Pressure builds for F-16 sale to Taiwan
MND denies claims new F-16 bid failed
Taiwan will not request F-16 C/D quote without US consensus
Innovative New Chinese UAV Emerges
China's Global Hawk counterpart breaks cover
Air force to get new aircraft next year
Taiwan unveils upgraded fighter jet
Indonesian Air force to get new aircraft
Air Force considers extension of pilots' contracts to 10 years
Spratlys arms race heats up; AFP to buy six fighter jets
Another MiG-29 Grounding
Fighter plane scares fishermen in Spratlys
Japanese F-15 missing off Okinawa
Taiwan to upgrade 71 Ching Kuo fighters
The other eyes in the sky
The Chengdu J-20: Peace in Our Time?
Chinese "Global Hawk" in PLAAF color
Eurocopter, PT. Dirgantara Indonesia renew agreement

NT$17 billion IDF upgrades to be unveiled soon: AIDC
Unkept Promises to Taiwan
Raytheon Completes First Radar Upgrade for Taiwan
Taiwan spends NT$17 billion to upgrade fighter jets
Taiwan to receive upgraded IDFs
RoKAF T-103 trainer crashed
PAF to receive P14 billion for modernization
Crash of Russian trainer jet kills its two pilots
Fighter pilots' Fiji mission
Remains Of Malaysian Pilot Flown Home From Medan
Singapore Denies RSAF Aircraft Violated Malaysian Airspace
ST Aerospace signs deals worth S$300m with Alenia Aermacchi
Singapore signs 20-year support deal for M-346 fleet
China's J-15 No Game Changer
Sea Trial Set for China's First Aircraft Carrier
Japan's Stealth Fighter Gambit
Taiwan's Ma looks for F-16 boost
Taiwan rejects further advanced radar system price hikes
Two killed in trainer crash in S. Korea: air force
SAF entered Malaysian airspace over 2000 times since 2008, says Mindef
China has air superiority
ASEAN air force leaders agree to boost regional security
Japan's Air Power Crunch
Photos of possible fifth-generation fighter appear on Chinese websites
Embraer Super Tucano Deal in Effect with Indonesian Air Force
Embraer finalises Super Tucano contract with TNI-AU
Indonesia has bought Brazilian Super Tucano trainer aircraft
South Korea, Indonesia in jet deal
S Korean Air Force unveils TA-50 combat trainer jet
South Korea unveils new trainer aircraft
'Today's Air Force' features a look around the service
Indonesia, Embraer sign Super Tucano contract
South Korea Receives the Tenth Slam Eagle
South Korea's Need For Fighters
PLAAF about to roll-out JH-7B stealth bomber
China upgrading air force rapidly, says IAF chief
Faking Chinese Stealth Fighters
More close ups of Chengdu J-20's recent test flights
Boeing delivers two F-15K aircraft to S Korea
Boeing Delivers 2 F-15K Slam Eagles to the Republic of Korea
T 50 Golden Eagle
PLAAF's aircraft crashed during the training in the Shandong province


Training aircraft makes emergency landing in Pingtung
US senators push Obama to sell F-16C/Ds to Taiwan
Should the US sell fighter jets to Taiwan?
Asean air forces meeting for Cha-am
Philippines to receive eight Sokols, looks to upgrade MD 520s
Korea Aerospace Signs Deal to Sell Trainer Jets to Indonesia
US air force to deploy 12 F-15E fighters to S. Korea
ASEAN's air force officers exchange held in Hanoi
RMAF to have training base
RSAF personnel to get credit exemptions at UniSIM
Chinese J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft
PLAAF J-10B AESA radar
Indonesia orders 16 T-50 trainers
Marines JASDF implement enhanced simulated air-to-air combat training
Air Force urged to keep aboriginal totem on F-16s
Korean Jet Trainer 'Has the Edge' in Israel
US Drones vs China
Taiwan holds annual "Wan-an" air raid drill
'Drones' set to play an important role fighting terrorism
VVIP S-92s delivered to Thailand: Sikorsky
Sikorsky Aircraft Delivers Three VVIP S-92� Helicopters to Royal Thai Air Force
Indonesia-Korea Signed Barter Deal for T-50 Jet Trainer
S. Korea, US launch air defense exercise
Israel focuses on Korean, Italian jets
South Korea To Invite Bidders To Buy Precision Missiles For F-15K Fighters
Korea moves closer to selling T-50 jets to Israel
4 combat helicopters boost Air Force fleet
Why is the Air Force still using 'flying coffins'?
Chinese jets buzz PAF planes
Chinese jets buzz PAF patrol planes
PLAAF attacks Philippines Air Force
RI seeks to exchange planes with South Korea
Hard up for arms sales, Taiwan turns to its own defenses
China post air force tracking
China Claims Air Supremacy With Its New J-20 Stealth Fighter
Peru to import Korean trainer planes
Malaysian Hornets set for $72m upgrade
Patriotism soars high at air show
International Repercussions of Foiled Fighter Jet Deal
Chinese Stealth Fighter Could Rival US's Best: Report
Russia's ROKAF Connection
PAF needs more time to probe S-211 crash
'Boeing's faulty assembly caused emergency landing of Lee's jet'
SAF to hold military exercises
Australian Super Hornets Soar Through Malaysian Skies
China's J-15 Flying Shark Shown Taking Off
We want a carrier: GT poll
PT Dirgantara Exports CN-235 Again
Mystery J-20 jet 'flies' again?
China Uses its Bloggers Again to Announce Stealth Progress
Nut graph on combat jet contenders
Two dead in Indonesia plane crash
Air Force to get 16 Brazilian fighter planes

KAI closes in on T-50 export deal with Indonesia
Air Force grounds trainer jets
Air Force eyes phase out of S-211 trainer jets
Air Force jump master killed in botched skydive
Air Force lost 2 PMA topnotchers in crash
Military plane crashes in N. Philippines, pilot killed
One dead in PAF fighter plane crash
Boeing seeks order for 60 F-15s from the Air Force
China lifts the veil of secrecy on new jet
The J-7 and older PLAAF aircraft

ASDF, MSDF relief elements looking to stand down
Airspace border tensions soar
Airshow takes off
The Passing of a Generation
PLAAF Offensive Combat readiness against India.
Three Contenders Remain For Japan FX
Japan Misses Early Opportunity to Deploy UAVs
China's Jump Jet Mystery
China, Ukraine pledge to boost cooperation
Seoul: No barter deal for T-50 jet trainer
Mystery jet 'flies' again
China Uses Bloggers Again To Announce J-20 Stealth Progress - Analysis
New shipborne navy jet fighter makes waves among analysts
ROKAF receives first sniper pods from Lockheed Martin
Indonesia to invest $10 mil. in KF-X
Three Fighters Competing for Japanese FX
Taiwan air force can land on highway
China's Military now to 2020
Taiwan jets practise landing on roads in rare drill
Fighter jets carry out drill on freeway
Army aviators get new mission following Japan quake, tsunami
Japan narrows choices for new fighter to three
Taiwan Seeks to Move U.S. on Arms Sales
Taiwan jets practise landing on motorway
RSAF team to battle piracy in the Gulf of Aden
Indonesia plans to buy S. Korea's T-50 Golden Eagle fighters
ROKAF to receive Boeing F-15K fighter aircraft
South Korea receives two F-15K Slam Eagles
Chinese air force bomber blitzes river ice
China's air force steps up modernization drive: white paper
US delaying F-16 upgrade, report says
Taiwan Frustrated Over Stalled F-16 Effort
Taiwan Expects US to Help With F-16 Upgrades

Bombardier joins with Chinese aviation firm
IAI, Elbit to collaborate on jet trainer
Taiwan missile test flops again
PLAAF should learn from Libyan War
S. Korea, Indonesia Air Force chiefs discuss deepening cooperation
S Korea gets two more F-15K fighters from US
Pakistan Air Force Exercises with China Air Force
Sri Lanka Air Force not to purchase new Kfirs to replace crashed aircraft
China Takes The High Ground

First Flight for Thai Gripen Jets
US calculations on the F-16s sale to Taiwan
Tsunami Damages Squadron Of Mitsubishi F-2s
Japan JASDF Matsushima Air Base tsunami/earthquake damage
Tsunami hits Japan's Matsushima Airbase
Crisis May Scuttle Japan Fighter
Japanese air force base hit by tsunami
Indonesian air force bolsters airlift capability with 737s
China-US Aviation Deal Faces Scrutiny
ROKAF to Receive First AEW&C Aircraft
S. Korea to receive airborne early warning aircraft in July
Air Force Celebrates 60 years in SRI LANKA
Lanka sets up panel to probe mid-air crash of fighter jets
Two RSAF C-130 military aircraft return from Christchurch
China's Fighters Won't Match US
PLAAF Su-30MKK Spotted in Russia
S. Korea to get first early warning plane
The J-20 Clarified
SAF sends aircraft to aid quake-hit Christchurch
Korea accelerates stealth fighter acquisition efforts
S.Korea to get first high-altitude spy plane

China Aerospace Manufacturing Industry, 2011
Thailand gets six jet fighters from Sweden
Sri Lanka Air Force develops own UAV
Former US defense chief backs sale of F-16 jets to Taiwan
JASDF F-2 Update
New Intel Report on the Threat of Chinese Air Power
China claims developing new missile by 2015
F16 Crashes In Chaiyaphum
Maintenance of Taiwan's AIM-120 missiles at risk
PLAAF J-20 CG images and Fan Art
J-20 a 'wake-up call,' former intel chief says
Teal Group warns of more new aircraft programme delays
Japan's Roadmap To An Indigenous Fighter
Taiwan media said that Taiwan's IDF fighters could be scrambled
Youths get new trainer aircraft
S. Korea Sets Fighter Jet Timetable
China TV 'fakes missile footage' in news report
Singapore Air Force welcomes Seahawks into service
Pyongyang threat spurs S Korea to accelerate FX-III programme
KAI rolls out first T/A-50 fighter trainer
Gov't promise to buy next gen. fighters sparks battle of military plane makers
Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents
'China close to development of 5th-gen. stealth fighter'
Northrop Grumman Supports Taiwan E-2C Aircraft
Photos Reportedly Show Prototype Chinese Stealth Fighter
Opinion: China's J20 fighter, or how rumors become facts
The Evolution of PRC Air Power


Showcasing of Chinese goods for sale
China set to bid on major US aerospace programmes
Chinese stealth: Chinagate II?
Chinese Experts Say Stealth Plane Doesn\'t Steal US Tech
Chinese Innovation?
How China's Stealth Aircraft Rose From Ashes of Balkan War
Chinese Stealth Fighter contd. Meet the Jian-20 (J-20)
J-20 Chengdu :: Defense Industry News Search
China refutes the J-20 uses F-117 copies
SAC developing VTOL stealth fighter, called "Snowy Owl"
S Korea rolls out armed version of T-50 trainer jet
China: Air force training exercise or Top Gun?
China's 'Air Force Drills' - AP Check
China steals Top Gun clip
Chinese Air Force issues pilot licenses for first time
US rulers, allies turn attention back to China
Sri Lanka to export weapons & military products
Elisra wins South Korean avionics deal
J-20 Stealth Fighter: China's First Strike Weapon
Chinese jet fighter highlights need for intelligence, dialogue
New Chinese 'stealth' fighter has made its first flight
Air Force Chief Vows to Test Fly Gripen Jets
Thai Air Force chief vows to test fly new Swedish Gripen jets
China's new stealth fighter may use US technology
Bring Back the F-22!
Stealth fighter sneaks up on Taiwan
J-20 And The Russian Connection
China Defense Blog: More "bad guys"
China Air and Naval Power: J-20 had its first flight, what now?
Japan, US reach accord on 5th-generation stealth fighter jets
Singapore Air Force welcomes Seahawks into service
Singapore Stands Up S-70B Naval Helicopter Squadron
Taiwan's public missile test backfires
Chinese J-20 Logs First Flight
China confirms maiden flight of fifth-generation fighter
China's New J-20 Stealth Fighter Quietly Makes First Flight
Chinese stealth fighter takes to the air
Stealthy signal to gates
Elbit unit Elisra wins Korea electronic warfare deal
Elbit Systems' Unit Wins Contract To Supply Airborne EW Suites And MWS
Exercise Iron Fist brings US and Japanese forces together
New US arms deal with Taiwan underway
China confirms stealth fighter test flight (VIDEO)
China Reveals New Combat Aircraft Design
What China's Stealth Fighter Means
Royal Thai Air Force orders Aerostar UAVs
Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents
Northrop Grumman Supports Taiwan E-2C Aircraft
Experts doubt 'stealth' capability of Chinese fighters
The Evolution of PRC Air Power
Rumored stealth jet undergoes tests: report
Opinion: China's J20 fighter, or how rumors become facts
What New Stealth Fighter Says About China's Rise



China's J-20 Stealth Fighter In Taxi Tests
PRC�s fifth-generation jet pictures cause stir in US
Chinese stealth fighter unveiled?
China's J-20 Stealth Fighter In Taxi Tests
JXX Images
Spotted: China�s Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter?
Chinese Assault !?
Chengdu J-20
IAF looks to Korea, Italy for training aircraft
China's 5th Generation Fighter Exposed?
Chengdu J-20 China's 5th Generation Fighter
China's J-20 Stealth Fighter In Taxi Tests
Photos of Chinese 5th-Generation Fighter Revealed
Hints of a Chinese Stealth plane J-20 surprise US analysts
The future of China's fifth-generation stealth fighter
Is This China's First Stealth Fighter?
North Korean Air Force increases training flights
Taiwan has high rate of trainer plane crashes
China ratcheting up pressure in the air
Japan might purchase drones
PLAAF J-14 Fighter
Sweden Delivers Erieye AEW Aircraft to Thailand
Is This China's First Stealth Fighter?
What's this about J-20?
Kadena F-15's Train in Northern Japan
Latest on Z-10 and J-10
Thailand's air force receives Saab aircraft

Are China's New Drones Cause For Concern?
China puts satellite in orbit
China Developing Armed/Recon UAVs
RSAF pilots training in Perth proves cost-effective due to outsourcing
8 export customers for JF-17 Thunders
Bangladesh outlines military equipment procurement plans
Japan to increase fighter planes in Okinawa to beef up security
Saab receives Gripen order for Thailand
Sale Of Russian Fighters To China Undermines Gates Decision On F-22
Breaking: N.Korea fires on S.Korea, air force on stand by
Indonesia considers more Embraer Tucanos
China's new drones raises eyebrows
PLAAF's 6th Gen Fighter?
Kadena F-15s complete Aviation Training Relocation with JASDF
Chinese military drones pose Western challenge
China in talks with several potential JF-17 customers
Decision on new fighter jets up in the air:Japan
Japan looking for F-35
China's Armed Predator
China Readies First Flight Of New L-7 Trainer
Chengdu J-10 Next Variant Developing
Indonesia considers more Embraer Tucanos
Chinese-made plane steals the (air) show
Commission: China Bolsters Fighters, Missiles, 'Supports' Cyberattacks
Airshow Showcase Strength of Chinese Air Force
Singapore gets upgraded C-130
Singapore's C-130 upgrade makes progress
Chinese Air Force's 6th Gen Fighter?
Pakistan to arm fighters with Chinese BVR missiles
The Chinese Dragon
L15-6 and J-10 arrived at the Zhuhai Airshow 2010
Chinese Air Force joint exercise with NATO
ST Aerospace secures S$370m worth of contracts in Q3
Japan eyes procuring F-35 fighters; gives up on more F-2 jets
Can F-35 assure Japan of its air advantage over China?
South Korea says spy plane crashes during routine training
SKorea says 2 pilots presumed dead in plane crash
Poor inspection blamed for damages to F-15K
J-10 fighter jet to cut a dash at air show
Chinese Airforce admits to UFO chase in 1998
Taiwan develops anti-airfield weapon
South Korea`s F-X Fighter Program
Indigenous AWACS to be flight-tested by 2011
Indonesia said its Su-30 pilots trained in China, a significant effect
The 'Anatolian Eagle' looks to China

�Fierce Dragon� fighter and MiG-29 compete for orders of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka embarks on fighter aircraft procurement
China and the Russian MiG-29, JF17 Sri Lankan fighter competing
F-16 upgrade doesn't fly with Taiwan
Four generations of the Chinese Air Force
Taiwan F-16 fighter parts can not be replaced
Turkey and China, Conduct Joint Air Exercises With Iran's Support
Turkey invited China to join NATO air exercise
An interview with a PLAAF L. Gen on the new world order
Japanese Air Force sinks unidentified sub during exercise
Chinese aerospace delegation to visit Indonesia
PLAAF J-10s to perform at Airshow China 2010
PAF to participate in aviation, aerospace exhibition in Beijing
Turkey, China In Exercises
China Practices Intercepting U.S. Stealth Fighters
Why China's Air Force in Turkey?
Chinese Air Force Planes Refuel In Pakistan, Iran On Way To Turkey
Joint air force training exercise set for this week
Korea and US Begin Joint Air Force Drill Friday
Taiwan officer visits U.S. to push F-16C/D sale
Thailand - F-16 Mid-Life Upgrade
China's 5th generation Stealth Fighter Program
AIDC Wins NT$5 B. Order for MRJ Planes From Japan`s Mitsubishi
Taiwan; Air Force wants Global Hawk in parallel to local R&D efforts
SDF has 14011 cluster bombs
The Anatolian Eagle Is Looking Eastward
China's real fourth-generation fighter, the F-14
Trainer aircraft maker looks to take off in China
What's PLAAF Doing in Turkey?
China's Air Force Goes Abroad
Chinese Air Force in friendly Turkish skies
Chinese Air Force, a strategic air force?
US likely to upgrade Taiwan fighter jets
Top Taiwan officer visits US over jet deal
F-16 Pilot Training for Singapore
Singapore orders 12 M-346 trainer aircrafts worth EUR 250 million
What are China's military intentions in Central Asia?
Turkish F-16s Stage Joint Maneuvers with Chinese Su-27s
New JASDF anniversary markings
Thailand to upgrade 18 F-16s worth $700 million
Chinese Air Force test range strike force, J10 performance Su-27 lost
Sri Lanka Air force � Upgraded Command
S. Korea, Russia Seek Air Force Hotline
Military helicopter crash-lands in Singapore
Finmeccanica Gets EUR250M Singapore Contract For 12 Aircraft
Singapore set for Alenia Aermacchi's M-346
Singapore's Apache Attack Helicopter Makes Crash Landing
RSAF pilots 'did right'
Singapore blames 'mechanical problem' for Apache incident
Learjet, PLAAF ELINT variant.
Fresh batch of new Y-8C spotted
Indonesia receives last 3 Sukhoi fighters, plans to buy six more

Japan's GPS satellite
Japan To Decide This Year On Global Hawk Order
China to be biggest exhibitor at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2010
China Tests Strategic Air Power Capability: Implications For India
China will restart the 24 Il-78 tanker procurement
Air Force 'Sevens' team for Malaysia
Misawa air show highlights 50 years of Japan-US cooperation
Japanese Air Force Also Has Encounters with UFOs
Fighter jet F-7 ,crashes in Karnaphuli
Chinese Air Force's new F-10 test new anti-stealth radar
China builds its own high-tech military
$300-million upgrade for S'pore Air Traffic Control Centre
China needs a new maritime patrol aircraft
Chinese air force trains for precision strikes
Singapore receives modernized C-130
Malaysian Falcon 900 veered off the runway
Three Russian Su-27 SKM passes flight test at Indonesian base
SU fighters pass flight tests at Indonesia base
Indonesia's Air Force Adds More Flankers
South Korea gets F-15K fighters
Pilot killed in plane crash in Indonesia's Bogor
Indonesia Confirms Plans To Buy Six More Su Fighters From Russia
JASDF F-2 Deployment
Japan Launches GPS Satellite
Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles
Air Force officer sets fire to F-16 base
PLAAF gethers for Peace Mission 2010
Indonesia to buy 6 SU-30MK
New Opportunities Mature for Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Advanced Trainer
Flying Tigers revisit China after decades
South Korea to Delay KFX Acquisition
China makes modifications to Russian Salyut AL-31F jet engine
JH-7 Flying Leopard - An offensive weapon for strategic defense
The intense world of the Blue Impulse pilot
US unveils plan to operate vertical-landing aircraft in Japan
Saab Unveils Air Defence Solutions for Thailand
US to supply Taiwan air force radar equipment
Singapore Deploys Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Task Group

China Launches Tian Hui-1 Mapping Satellite
Dirgantara eyes big share of MRO market
US to supply Taiwan air force radar equipment
China warns US against selling Taiwan radars
Evaluating China's Military Strength
US donates equipment to Sri Lanka Air Force
Japan Should Ease Weapons Export Ban, Defense Official Nagashima Says
Question about MiG-29s in North Korea
U.S. Releases Radar Upgrades for Taiwan Fighters
PLAAF 15th Airborne Corps Attack Helicopters
ChangKong-1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Target Drone
A Super Hornet for Japan?
China Finishes Construction of Space Station Module
SAAB Unveils Thai Air Defence Solutions
Chinese Naval Aviators Proliferate
China holds first large-scale paratrooper airdrop drill over Tibet
Crashed Plane Confirmed From North Korean Air Force
Su-30 to open the Chinese Air Force "total defense" of the times
Pilot Killed in China Crash Believed to Be Korean Defector
F-15 new JASDF skin
China and Pakistan Push Chengdu JF-17 Fighter for Export
Xiaolong fighters and police 200 AWACS air debut Airshow
China's Eyes in the Skies
Chinese Air Force tests missile movements by train to Tibet?
Chinese Air Force in Night Drill Over West Sea
Sri Lanka Air Force delivers aid to Pakistan flood victims
Japan could better exploit its defense technology
JASDF to get upgrade F-15Js or new F-2s
ARINC Supports Indonesia C-130H
China and Pakistan Push Chengdu JF-17 Fighter for Export
China air force drills under way
J-11s Briefly Appear Over Tibet
South Korean Air Force to Upgrade Faulty F-5 Ejection Seats
South Korea's Air Force to upgrade F-5 ejection seats
Japan Eyes Further Mitsubishi F-2 Procurement
China enters global fighter aircraft market through Pakistan's JF-17
About the Chinese aircraft J-11
Report says RoKAF F-5F pilots ejected too low, parachutes failed

Japan Digest: A-Bomb Ceremonies, Jet Order Delay, Myanmar Refugees
Japan's new ASM-3 supersonic air-launched anti-ship missile
Lethal US airpower ready to defend ally against North Korea
South Korea's Air Force to Upgrade F-5 Ejection Seats
Rescue helicopter carrying seven people crashes in Japan
Singapore Air Force celebrates Pitch Black milestone
Afterthoughts on the PACRIM Airpower Symposium
China-made planes set to soar onto world market
Sri Lanka Air Force helps to douse raging fire
Indonesia's air force hopes to send more personnel to U.S. for training
Japan Coast Guard Signs Contracts for Six More AW139s
ST Aerospace says it will open fourth Chinese facility
This Is Not The Last Chinese Aircraft We Will Buy
China: Russia's Not Stopping the Flow of JF-17 Engines
Mitsubishi misses out on plane orders at Farnborough
Eurocopter and Kawasaki Heavy Industries sign new cooperation agreement
Two Y-8 dipatched to the Dalian rescue operation
New Fighter, Priced to Sell
Asia-Pacific air force leaders gather for symposium to share knowledge
Sri Lankan Air Force unearth explosives, cache of arms
Japan to send SDF to US-S Korea joint drill
5th AF commander assesses US-Japan bond
China-made planes set to soar onto world market
JASDF's New Cargo Aircraft XC-2(CX) Test Flight 2010-01-26
About the Chinese aircraft J-11
Japan issues request for information for VIP jets
Can the Chinese Air Force dominate in Asia-Pacific Region?
Air Force in S. Korea holds air war exercise
Singapore's prime minister visits MHAFB
Asia News - Singapore, France, India air forces hold joint drill
Q-5s May serve longer in PLAAF
Russia freezes sale of fighter jet engines to China
China Defense Blog: J-10AH?
The Latest Video of PLA J-15 carrier-based fighter aircraft
Russian combat aircraft makers fear competition with China
Chinese air force commander leaves for Germany, Britain
Chinese air force among the most capable, analyst says
Is China's Air Force unmatchable?
Japanese Air Force One lands in Toronto
KAI and Lockheed need to rethink their T-50 strategy
J-10B ready for PLAAF?
China Air Force Steps it Up
Singapore pilots soar in France

Chinese aircraft carrier
Burma Buys 50 Fighter Jets From China
"China Air Force One"
S. Korea Seeks Recon Planes by 2014
Korean Air Force Retires Phantom Fighter Jets
Japanese Air Force One lands in Toronto
Air Force dispatched eight IL-76 and 7 Y-8 rush to transport
Singapore Air Force Participates In Air Exercise With France, India
RSAF sharpens operational edge in exercise with French and Indian Air Forces
Republic of Singapore Air Force celebrates 25 years of Super Puma
PLAAF has not Endorsed JF17 Thunder
F-15 new JASDF skin
A look from the top: JASDF senior enlisted gain AF perspective
Chinese Carrier Program Gains Momentum
Democracy comes to China's air force
ROKAF F-5F Fighter Jet Crashes
F-15K Eagle Fighters to Replace ROKAF's F-4D Phantom Jets
RoKAF F-5 crashes; both pilots killed
China Accelerates Planning for Space Command
Air show grounded, but Air Force chapter has Flying Tiger
China gears up preparations for launch of space command
JASDF F-2 Update
JASDF: Bringing the Stingers
PLAAF Says Goodbye My Dear J-6
China Steals The Abandoned Su-33
Chinese J-15 carrier aircraft with Russian-made Su-33 technology
Shenyang J-11 : Development
Korea Aerospace Industries KF-X : Who, What, Where, When
Korean Aerospace Industries
RoKAF KF-16D crashes into the Yellow Sea
China retires all F-6
Chinese Air Force to extend the combat radius of 1000 km
Taiwan Air Force F16 too close to Army helicopter
Indonesian AF to buy Four UAVs
Japan's Air Force honors fallen AWACS crew
Indonesia and South Korean are to sign MoU for KFX project
L-15 Falcon Trainers for both PLAAF & PLANAF
JL-9 enters service with PLAAF
Long march to open China's airspace
China creates Su-33 type of Fighter Jet
JF-17 equipped with WS-13 completed first successful runway test
KAI Completes Deliver 50 T-50 to RoKAF
Vietnamese Air Force Mig-21 Crashes
China Creates Pirate Copy of Russia's Su-33 Fighter Jet
Core Military Capability of China's Air Force
Chinese air force rejects all 16 J-11B
Air Force passing out at Diyathalawa
The View from Taiwan: Gates snubbed by PRC Military, F-16s in doubt
Taiwan wants VSTOL fighters, report claims
China's 5th generation J-14 Stealth Fighter
FC-1 equipped with WS-13 completed first flight
Strive To Become Next-Generation Air Force, RMAF Told

China urged to renounce use of force against Taiwan
Japan to Develop Fighter-launched UAV
Fuji continues to develop fighter-launched UAV
China space plane- successful flight test?
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Latest News and Information on Shenyang J 8
China agreed to provide 4 trainer aircraft to Pakistan
War News Updates: China Air Force Won't Rule The Skies Any Time Soon
China ahead of schedule on fifth-generation answer
The Air Force has 1001 new lieutenants
Manufacturers eye Japan's YS-11 replacement need
Airmen train Japanese pilots for air-to-air refueling
Hatoyama, Obama to talk on Futenma Air Base
Indonesia Air Force In Spotlight After Plane Crash
U.S. Congress Pushes F-16 Release For Taiwan
Despite China, U.S. Says Taiwan Air Force Needs Help
Japan JASDF Kawasaki C-2 (XC-2) First Flight
Chinese Navy Obtains Illegal Aircraft
Chinese Military Won't Accept 'Made In China' Fighters

Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 7
China military refuses to accept new domestically made fighters
Rand: The Development of China's Air Force Capabilities
RAND | Testimonies | The Development of China's Air Force Capabilities
New Chinese fighter jet expected by 2018: U.S. intelligence
Chinese Stealth Fighter: In Focus
China converts 737s into military surveillance aircraft first
Sri Lanka air force offers flights after floods block road
Taiwan air force jets in near collision
US Congress Pushes F-16 Release For Taiwan
Taiwan Sends Mixed Message on Fighters
Australia-Malaysia's joint exercise of air forces
Airmen prep JASDF F-15 pilots for air-to-air refueling
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Air Force Receives 50th T-50 Trainer Jet
Korea is Now Equipped with 50 T-50 Aircraft
Chinese naval J-11s spotted in the open
Chinese J-11s seen in the open
Weird Photos - F-16 in China?
New Chinese J-11 fighters are being produced for PLANAF
Korean Air Force chief meets U.S. Pacific Air Force chief
Taiwan may have fewer than 80 operational fighters in 2025: report
PLAAF Chengdu J-10 crash, pilot killed
JASDF F-2's rear landing gear suddenly retracts while going
S'pore Air Force chief receives RBAF Honorary Pilot Wing
New astronauts recruited for China's space program
Pakistan to get Chinese AEW&C aircraft this year
China eager for Russian air technology
Chinese J 15 Carrier Aircraft Wings Fold Available To Solve Problems
Usaf chaplains Asist Rokaf counterparts
F-2 Fighters in Guam
Fighting Samurai departs to ROK
Taiwan's largest underground air base revealed
Taiwan mulling action against France over Mirage deal
Malaysia Air Force officers sue government over missing jet engine
Possible sale EMB.314 Super Tucano to Philipinnes
China's Front Line Fighters
China air force woos allies with J-10 fighter jet
China Takes J-10 Fighter On Tour
Chinese Air Force shows off J10 indigenous fighter jet
Indonesian, Singaporean Air Forces to Expand Cooperation

Cancelled Russian LFI Project Now JF-17 Fighter
Nigeria 15 China Made F 7 And Pl 9 Missiles The Official Service
Vietnamese Air Force Sukhoi 30mk
China Sets Military Sights On Enhanced Air, Sea Power
Political conflict close to be resolved: Thai Air Force Commander
US, ROK Signs Combined Defense Plan
Boeing F-15K41 fighter successfully completes first flight
Boeing test flies first F-15K strike fighter of S Korea
PICTURES: First flight of ROKAF F-15Ks with P&W engines
Boeing modifies C-130H for Japan
Zhang ShiHua 张世华: F-15SG fighter jet
Malaysia aims to upgrade air force with new fighters, AEW aircraft
Indonesia, United States To Conduct 'Cope West 10' Exercise
JASDF gets modified C-130H tanker aircraft
Boeing Team Delivers C-130H Aerial Refueling Tanker to Japan
ROKAF new Presidential Plane
ASDF scrambles hit 299 in FY '09
Kawasaki C-2 as A-400 Alternatives?
Inauguration of 1st singapore F-15SG squadron
JASDF F-2 Deployment
ST Aerospace clinches maintenance contract
'Air Force has recovered its 'broken wings'
Chinese Aspiration for Aircraft Carrier
South Korea to integrate Textron Defense Systems' sensor-fuzed weapon
South Korea to Incorporate Sensor Fuzed Weapon with FA-50 Aircraft
Textron to deliver weapons tech for FA-50s
Taiwan Air Force blasted for not reacting to Russian warplane
Five F-15SG fighters join Singapore Air Force
Singapore's F-15SG Squadron Based At Paya Lebar
First F-15SGs arrive in Singapore
F-15GS, Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft of RSAF Inaugurated
The J-10A: Future Standard for the PLAAF?
Air force prepares 6 planes for emergency response in Aceh
Aircraft maker pushing exports of spy drones
China's Air Force Enters the 21st Century
ROC Air Force donates F-5 jet fighter to museum
Malaysian Air Force pilot killed during an air show
Japan's main fighter plane in the next generation of global tender
PLAAF looses J-10

Japan to replenish military jets
Air Force mission: Make it rain
FIDAE 2010: Samsung Thales pushing helicopter EO/IR pod
ROC Air Force donates F-5 jet fighter to museum in California
Air Force Commander inspects SLAF Stations
Taiwan Air Force blasted for not reacting to Russian warplane
Japan's Fighter Contest Heats Up
Taiwan Compensated For Flaws In Mirage Jets
Air Forces rebuts report on negligence in air defense
Taiwan Says China Now Has Edge In Air Power
RMAF pilot crashes and dies during solo performance
Malaysian air force pilot dies in crash
RSAF centralises training
Singapore's arms tests in Gaza
PLAAF J-10 crash pictures surface
Latest News and Information on Kawasaki C 2
Chinese Jet Fighter Parts Made by Unqualified Workers
US support for sale of F-16s growing
China Warns U.S. Against Selling F-16s to Taiwan
China air force covers North Taiwan with Russian-built missiles
In the air, China versus Taiwan
Two S.Korea Air Force Fighter Jets Crash during Drill
Taiwan's A-1W helicopter crash is a part failure
F-16 Sale to Taiwan, Would It Make A Difference?
Singapore's S-70 Helicopter: A potent combination to defend the seas
Singapore Begins Operating New S-70
S. Korea Releases RFP For UCAV Demonstrator
Despite China, US reveals Taiwan air force needs help
Surion takes to the air
Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI)/Eurocopter Surion First Flight
Taiwan Says China Now Has Edge In Air Power
Multi-aircraft mission provides key training in Thailand
Two South Korea Air Force jet fighters missing
RoKAF F-5E and F-5F crashed
2 ROKAF F-5s crash, all pilots killed
Sri Lanka Air Force celebrates 59th anniversary
The PLA raises its voice
F-35 price tag may force fighter review
China says it's up to the US to improve relations
Only F-16 jets strong enough to protect Taiwan from China air force
China selling MA60s to Myanmar and Sri Lanka
Taiwan air force helicopter airlifts Filipino crew member to hospital


China warns US over future Taiwan arms sales
Honeywell Forms Joint Ventures for China's C919 Plane
Indo-China Air Force Joint Exercise in 2012
ST Engg arm wins RSAF contracts worth $363m
Taiwan still wants F-16 C/D fighter jets, submarines
Bilateral training strengthens American, Japanese ties
IAF plans joint drill with China
Future of Chinese naval helicopter
RSAF extends BAE air grading contract
PLA Air Force pushes forward logistics training reform
Despite China, US says Taiwan air force needs help
Taiwan air force needs help to combat military rival China
Singapore Air Force Picks ST Aero
ST Aero wins two contracts from Singapore air force
US, Thailand, Singapore officials to begin Cope Tiger 2010
JASDF officers visit Pacific Air Commandos
Taiwan Defence And Security Report Q1 2010
Air Power Aus: China's Secret Fleet of Stealth Fighters
UAE eyes South Korean T-50 jets
Taiwan air force to get 3 helicopters from Europe
Korea Needs In-flight Refueling Tankers
Iron Fist deepens US, Japanese bond
4 F-22A stealth fighters fly to US Kadena base in Okinawa
JF-17 and PLAAF
Advances in PLA C4ISR Capabilities
S. Korea gets first early warning plane
Bangladesh wants to buy fighters, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft
US-China Today: China air force much improved though still lagging
Taiwan air force to get 3 helicopters from Europe
Uruguay Says It Has Found Stolen RMAF Jet Engines
Indonesian Air Force to purchase 16 Super Tucano fighters
Israel's IAI seeks to make planes in Asia
Singapore Airshow News
China's Taiwan Stance May Damage US Defense Firms
Pakistan Eyes Acquisition of Chinese Training Aircraft
RSAF displays G550 AEW platform for first time
Aermacchi expects Singapore AJT decision by end-April
F-50 and M-346 face off in Singapore trainer bid
Taiwan helicopter deal tests Sino-EU ties
War of Words Over Arms Sales to Taiwan
Thai Air Force Begins Gripen Training
China's air force builds world's highest airports
USA okays Black Hawks for Taiwan, Beijing mulls sanctions

NA Body appreciates performance of PAC
Taiwan Air Force T-34 with 2 pilots goes missing
Both missing Taiwan air force pilots found dead
Indonesia to Upgrade Air Force by Defence IQ
US, Japan Airmen join sister services in year's first bilateral exercise
13th Air Force sharpens skills during Keen Edge
Kawasaki XC-2(C-X) First Flight
SINGAPORE 2010: Helicopter market in Asia Pacific set to take off
Japanese military transport nets first flight
Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucano fighters
Taiwan military plane lands in Santo Domingo with supplies for Haiti
China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan
Taiwan Air Force T-34 with 2 pilots goes missing
Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucanos
SINGAPORE 2010: Asian fighter requirements continue to grow
Singapore Airshow 2010: A preview
Defence contractor confirms bid to train Singapore pilots
AIT confirms Taiwan military plane refueling in US
'Chinese Air Force will never pose a military threat to any country'
Boeing delivers fourth and final Japanese tanker
Japan Sends Self-Defense Forces to Assist Haiti
Fighter pilots tipped for NZ training
Review of Chinese aviation industry in 2009
US mulling Japanese participation in F-35 fighter
WARPLANES: China Wins A Big One
US, Japanese air forces train together
Boeing hands over last KC-767 tanker to Japan
More Aerial Displays at Singapore Airshow 2010
China Close To Test 5th Gen Fighter
Japan, US mulling Tokyo's participation in F-35 development
Asia Military world: Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) will get new fighter aircraft
Fighter Industry In Japan Risks Shrinkage
PICTURE: Japan receives last Boeing KC-767 tanker
Substitution of Indonesia Air Force Jets Postponed
Singapore pilots adapt to life in Idaho
China vents anger with missile test
Hawks Return From Japan
Taiwan's Aircraft Manufacturer Hits 10-year Revenue High
Two men charged over theft of RMAF jet engines
Two Malaysian Indians charged with aircraft engine theft
J-10 fighter enters international market at $40 million
Chinese Air Force Needs New Aircrafts
Boeing Delivers 4th KC-767 Tanker to Japan
RoKAF F-5 squadron clocks 120000 hrs without accident
China buys Russian engines for JF-17 and J-10



Safran, GE to provide engines for Chinese jet
Franco-US engine to power new China aircraft
Indonesia Orders Up More Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Malaysia fighter jet engine stolen
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Myanmar opts for Russian MiG-29s over Chinese fighters
South Korea's 2nd female F-16 pilot
Junta Buys 230 Military Aircraft in 21 Years
China's Air Force defensive in nature
Regional air force leaders meet in Singapore
Talents of the Royal Malaysian Air Force
Rescue crews train Japan Air Self Defense Force pilots
PM: No cover up over missing jet engine
Missing Jet Engine Shows Weak Defence System, Says Abdul Hadi Awang
The PLA Air Force Over the Horizon Radar Brigade
The PLAAF demonstrates 2 different types of AESA AEW&C aircraft
Singapore Airshow 2010
New Pictures of J-10B fighter jet
Lost on Jeju: F-15's Over Jungmun
Vietnamese air force pilot dead
Cubic Receives $7 Million in New Orders for Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
Missing RMAF jet engine discovered sold
Singapore Gets New Chief Of Air Force
PAF Eyeing J-10 Fighter Jets From China
Eighteen Z-8F 13-Ton class Helicopters ordered
Singapore to upgrade locator beacons
China Close To Testing Next-Gen Fighter J-XX
Indonesia Orders Up More Maritime Patrol Aircraft
China's CJ-20 Air Launched Cruise Missile to be operational with H-6 bomber
Taiwan Fears Air Power Reduction, Vulnerability to China
Brigadier-General Ng Chee Meng appointed as new SAF chief
Substitution of Indonesia Air Force Jets Postponed
China makes new carbon aircraft brake disk
2 SDF helicopters sabotaged while undergoing repairs
Thailand Air Force On the Ready
Japan Seeks An F22 Substitute
ASDF suspends F-15 flights after landing trouble at Komatsu Air Base
First EC-135 trainer delivered to Japan
Malaysia eyes airborne early warning fleet
Indonesian navy to order three CN-235 MPA
Pakistan rolls out jet fighter produced with Chinese assistance
ROKAF T-50 & KT-1
Eurocopter Japan Delivers the First EC135 T2i
Singapore aircraft not a worry
RSAF Apache Helicopter Set To Create Sensation


Japan gearing up to acquire F-35 fighters
China's Pursuit Of A 5th Generation Fighter
China Promises New, Advanced Fighter
Malaysia's air force revives competition for maritime patrol aircraft
Singapore Air Force Celebrate Inauguration of F-15SG Fighter Detachment in the US
Singapore air force to make maiden appearance at LIMA
Japan gearing up to acquire F-35 fighters instead of F-22s
ANALYSIS: JF-17 Thunder �Ikram Sehgal
Sri Lanka Air Force MI 24 gunship crashes while on training
Air force helicopter crashes in Sri Lanka
China plans newest fighters export to Azerbaijan
Vietnamese Air Force crash kills two pilots
DIA on China's new fighter
Pratt & Whitney Delivers First F100-229 Engine Enhancement Package
Taiwan shelves 9 Mirage jets due to lack of spare parts
Singapore Air Force Makes Mountain Home, Home
China Humbly Launches Serial Production of Stolen Russian Fighter
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash
China's Fifth-Generation Fighters and the Changing Strategic Balance
China to export JF-17
Japan�a step closer at looking at the F-35

U.S. F-22s versus Chinese F-35s
China celebrates 60th anniversary of air force
China Close To Testing Next-Gen Fighter
China's fourth-generation fighter aircraft JF-14 will soon test
Vietnamese Air Force crash kills two pilots
Enhance capability, China Air Force told as it marked 60 years
China's air force guards the friendly skies
Future of China's Air Force lies in high-tech
L-15 makes desert debut
Pakistan signs deal for Chinese J-10 fighters
The new Chinese stealth fighter will be ready within 10 years
China expects fifth generation fighter in 10 years
Murtha Meets With Japanese Air Force On F22 Foreign Sales
Taiwan shelves 9 Mirage jets due to lack of spare parts
Public proudest of PLA's 'Fierce Dragon' jet
Meet KAI's UAV line-up
N. Korean Air Force delegation in Beijing
First JF-17 fighter plane produced in Kamra to roll out this month
Boeing Team Delivers 1st Remote Aerial Refueling Operator Trainer to JASDF
Image of the Week: Chinese UAV
AESA for SK 16's
China's PLA eyes future in space, air: air force commander
Air force 'no threat to others'
Obama will have to deal soon with arms sales to Taiwan
MHAFB on short list for F-35s Air Force will announce tomorrow
Wings On High 35 Years of the Republic of Singapore Air Force


Aerospace & Defense in Japan - research report released
China's Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) Development
Half-Marathon Celebrates ROKAF-USAF Friendship
Taiwan Report Says China Continues Buildup
Chinese KJ-2000 AWACS
Mihin gets two new aircraft
S. Korea's Defense Industry Shows Progress at Show
Korea Aerospace Conference Sets ADEX in Motion
Taiwan Air Force Plans Upgrade Of Fighter Jets
Surge in firms withdrawing from Japanese military aerospace business
Trainer projects for PLA
PLA' first joint combat night exercise
Murtha Meets With Japan Air Force On F22 Foreign Sales
US, Japanese Forces Share Skills

S. Korea striving to nurture aerospace industry
Chinese aviation industry sees new wave of restructuring
Shenyang looks to market F-8
Chinese Carrier AWACS
City based Air Force Squadron awarded with Unit Citation
Korean Army, Air Force aim at Defense Apps
Japan celebrates Self-Defence Forces Day
Contract negotiations indicate Japanese move towards JSF
Japan sends replacement of surveillance aircraft on antipiracy mission
Does the PLAAF need a new bomber
Kadena maintainers train on JASDF equipment during exercise
China plans to market FC-1/JF-17 and J-10 fighters aggressively
J-10B for Pakistan
China to order 100 more Russian-made RD93 engine for JF-17
China's AVIC steps up sales push for FC-1, J-10 fighters
Chinese air force on military parade
Chinese Air Force eyes combination of offensive defensive strategy
Japanese military plane crash
MSDF plane overshoots runway, crashes into paddy field
S'pore team in Indonesia to help quake victims
Singapore seeks F-16 training


100 More RD-93 Engines
China provides F-8T fighter for foreign users
Singapore plans to continue F-16 training in US
Singapore Seeks $325M in F-16 Pilot Training and Support
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash
China aviation manufacturing has long way to go
Vietnam inaugurates first aircraft component production plant
MHI opens aircraft component plant in Vietnam
Raytheon to Supply AGM-65 Maverick Missiles to Korea, Taiwan
Finally, 'Gripen agreement between Sweden and Thailand signed
Taming the dragon
Rolls-Royce Mission to Care for Malaysia's Air Force
ESC completes Taiwan Air Traffic Control radar work
Japan shoots down mock missile
J-10 vs LCA Development Similar timeframe
Thai Air Commander To Visit After Violations
Thailand Delays Purchase Of Additional Six Gripen's
RMAF Langkawi Crash: Pilots buried
Two pilots killed in RMAF aircraft crash
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash Taiwan News Online

China starts developing new rockets for space mission
Garuda Enlists Indonesia's Air Force
China Air and Naval Power: Recent Chinese civilian aviation news
Stratech signs RoKAF TOSS deal
China aims to be top aircraft maker
Assembly of Chinese jet model begins
Japan Seeks A New Class Of Larger Carriers
China Puts Up a Fighter
New flight suits for female PLAAF pilots - Asian Skies

2 Rbairf Pilots Made Flying Instructors
Some suggestions for SLAF

BAE to train Brunei air force pilots
Six C-27J Spartans for Taiwan Air Force?
Mission complete, Panthers return home
Sri Lanka Air Force is the best in the world � Defence Secretary
Bangladesh air force eyes upgrades and new aircraft
Chinese Whispers
Sri Lanka Air Force has expanded
India doesn't have capability to match China force for force
Qatar likely to buy Indonesian aircraft
Good News: China Copying U.S. Drone Designs
China warns against missile defence systems
Another �Indigenous� Piece of Military Hardware
Navy shoots Air Force down
Tyndall pilots train Japanese Air Force
Is Singapore Air force most powerful Air force in the ASEAN Group?
IADS vs Legacy Fighters - The need for the F-35
U.S. and Japanese F15 pilots train for Red Flag Alaska

Israeli and Korean firms in radar deal
ROKAF visits to strengthen friendship learn from U.S. Air Force
Taiwan air force jet and crew of 2 missing
Indonesia Air Force Focuses On Readiness

RoKAF chief visits Singapore to promote T-50
Republic of Korea learns new tactics, gains friendship at RODEO
Japan Unlikely to Procure Desired US Fighter Jet
South Korea Drops 5th-Generation Fighter Plan - Pakistan Defence Forum
F-22 to Japan and Israel: A debt of Honor
China's J-12 - 5th generation multi-role jet - Pakistan Defence Forum
F-22 sales to Japan
Final bids in for Singapore air force PPP
Taiwan air force grounds F-5 fighter jet fleet after fatal crash
Taiwanese F-5 fighter jet crashes, entire fleet grounded
Taiwan Air force grounds F-5F jets after crash
The Japanese Nuclear Dilemma
Japanese choices in aviation market reveal overreliance on US
Obama to wield veto over F-22s
Chinese Air Force Gets First Batch of 16 Female Fighter Pilots
IDSA Strategic Comments:: F-22 Raptor : Economics versus Technology
Are we prepared for an attack by North Korea?
Japan a low-key player in space race
US-Japan dance on F-22 continues
Meet Singapore's first Malay general
Air Force Chief Begins Trip to Singapore, Germany
China losing its grip on Pakistan
Japan hints at buying THAAD missiles
Japan upgrades missile-detection system
China Sending First Female Astronaut Into Space By 2012
Murtha open to spending more on F-22


As Crisis Deepens, US Bolsters South Korea's Arsenal
Japanese patrol aircraft on antipiracy mission arrive in Djibouti
US Sends F-22A "Raptors" to Japan
94th Fighter Squadron deploys with F-22 Raptor for first time
North Korea warns of 'further self-defense measures'
Pyongyang shakes up pacifist Japan
ATTRITION: Missing F-35s Replaced By F-15 Refurbs
North Korean Atomic Tests Lift Lid on Japan's Nuclear 'Taboo'
Japan sends 2 aircraft to join anti-piracy mission
"Spring Bud Project" receives 29 million yuan in donations
Japan prefers F-22 fighter over F-35
Japan still hopes for F-22 fighter despite US recommendation
The creeping reach of Chinese arms
China's SSBN Forces: Transitioning to the Next Generation
Taiwan air force okays IDF upgrades
Taiwan's AIDC eyes trainers based on IDF
Pyongyang: Japan uses DPRK to beef up defense
BAE pitching Typhoon as F-22 eludes
Lockheed Martin Goes Gambling in Japan
Japanese Air Force pays a visit
No next-generation fighter waiting in the wings
Japanese Patient For Tacair Opportunities
Airborne Tactical Advantage Company: It's good to be bad


Chinese carriers - let them have them
RSAF gets 1st four F-15SG jets
RSAF'S F-15SG Fighter Aircraft Arrive at Mountain Home Air Force Base
RASF Trains With Most Advanced F-15 Fighter Jet
First planes of Singapore squadron arrive at base today
Japan to order dispatch of P-3C aircraft for antipiracy mission Friday
USAF, ROKAF parktake in Max Thunder 09-01
USAF, ROKAF put Max Thunder into full swing
Base defense not just security forces' job
Study possession of air strike capability
Indonesia air force says 78 killed in plane crash
Indonesia air force says 78 die in plane crash
Indonesia air force says 78 killed in plane crash
Indonesia Plane Crash
At Least 93 Dead In Indonesian Plane Crash
Obama seeks tougher diplomatic leverage on DPRK
Boeing, the Pentagon and the tanker scandal that won't go away
North Korea fires more rockets; says US hostile
US doesn't want to sell cutting-edge F-22s to Japan
Air force official says Indonesian military plane crashes
Indonesia investigates plane crash that killed 99
China Air Force To Show Off New Equipment On National Day
China now bigger threat than Pak: IAF chief


F-22 Termination: America�s Self-Induced Strategic Death Spiral
Helicopter pilots train Japanese forces on air refueling
North Korea: KCNA on Japan's War Chariot
Chinese air force chief visits Pak counterpart
Chinese air force commander leaves for visits to Pakistan, Turkey
Contemplation for Air Force improvement
An Era Begins Closing On F-22;
Letter sparks housing concerns at Yokota
Japanese Maritime Force Welcomes Air Force Orion
25th Fighter Squadron hosts 'Buddy-Wing' Program
Aircraft on display during Friendship Day
The Dragon's New Claws: The J-10B Emerging
Pilatus reports good business year
Bids due for Singapore pilot school

Elbit unit Elisra wins electronic warfare deal with Korea
Directing Cope Tiger flying shows multilateral partnership
Russia shows concern over Chinese weapons piracy
China uses bomber planes to blast ice blockages along Yellow River
North Korea Adamant on Missile Launch
China unruffled over North Korean launch
RazakSAT, A Testimony Of Local Scientists Talent, Capability
Indonesia Rejects Gift of Mirage Airplanes
Free Jet Fighters Find No Takers
Boeing Unveils New International F-15 Configuration - the F-15SE
Japanese Aircraft Carriers Back In Business
China tells Japan it wants aircraft carrier
Author discusses differences in U.S., Chinese air forces during Misawa visit
Taiwan Renews Push for F-16 Fighter Jets
U.S., Japan conduct bilateral training
Jet fighters used to make rain, not war
Cope Tiger exercise begins in Thailand
Elbit unit Elisra wins electronic warfare deal with Korea
Buddy Wing brings Kunsan, South Korean airmen closer
First Two MB-339CMs delivered to the Royal Malaysian Air Force
Royal Malaysian Air Force receives delivery of first two MB-339Cm trainers
U.S., South Korea begin exercise amid North Korea�s threats
Kadena Deploys F-15s and personnel to Thailand for Exercise Cope Tiger
Forces team up in Thailand skies
Lockheed Martin secures $ 655 million contract to refurbish 12 P-3C Orions for Taiwan
Thai pilot killed in Air Force plane crash
North Korea fills the air with threats
Japanese gov't should explain cost breakdown for relocation of Futenma base
S. Korea To Establish Plane Airworthiness System
Singapore to Keep up, Repair Chinook Transmissions
A Light Sabre for the Third World: The FC-1 / JF-17 Thunder
The Japanese MoD signs Training Helicopters contract
Miangas Island? No worries!
Japan says would shoot down inbound NKorean rocket
3rd KC-767J Tanker transferred to Japanese Itochu
Japan may aim to down North Korea missile

PT DI to complete production of Super Puma for Air Force
S Korea, U.S. start joint air training in preparation of annual defense drill
S. Korea Eyes Fighter Jet for Landing Ship

Taiwan Bolsters Aerial ASW/ASuW
Singapore takes delivery of first G550 AEW
Probe into missile lock on Sukhois launched
Kadena NCO Academy trains joint partners
Indonesian Air Force Asks for Advance on Credit Fund to Buy Jet Fighters
JASDF redeployment group bids final farewell
Taiwan Finalizes Long Awaited P-3 Deal
China's defense: The view from Taiwan
Thai Air Force gets okay for six more Grippen fighters
Cope North 09-1 comes to end
Russia Admits China Illegally Copied Its Fighter
China, U.S. to Resume Military Talks, Report Says
South Korea to Complete Missile Defense by 2012
Japan's Iraq aid mission officially ends
Cope North 09-1
Is Japan Turning Its Back on Its Pacifist Constitution?
Is the overseas deployment of Japan�s Self-Defense Force illegal?
13th Fighter Squadron S. Korea-bound
Parachute training returns to Misawa
Korea, U.S. to Combine Air Force Command
Elbit Systems's Elisra gets South Korean contract
Japan frets over the US's F-22s
F-22 Export Ban, Collective Security Test U.S.-Japan Defense Ties
U.S., Japan train in Cope North exercise
Deployed Warbirds train how they fight during Tropic Fury exercise
Fears Grow About Possible N. Korea Missile Launch
Poland Considers T-50 Trainer 'Frontrunner
JASDF F-2 fighters arrive at Andersen

Osan-based jets, Singapore Air Force to hold air war exercise
A peek into China's military mind
Japan Air Self Defense Force on Guam for military exercise
Air Force troops destroy NPA marijuana plantations
China expanding African arms sales
Crown Prince concludes visit to Singapore
Japanese Airmen Arrive for Exercise Cope North
Russian-made fighter successfully passes tests in Indonesia
24 F-22s Deployed To Guam and Okinawa
Japan's satellite launch program
Largest deployment of F-22 Raptors to the Pacific is underway
Third Su-30MK2 for Indonesian Air Force delivered
Japan Places First Order With Eurocopter
S. Korea Seeks To Buy Older Apaches
Bidders for Air Force Equipment Upgrades down to 3
Govt to give 400 mil. yen for ISAF helicopters
$215m fighter aircraft contract with Chinese still on course
Air Force Boeing 737 Joins SAR Operations Over Majene Waters
Embraer Sells Jet to Thai Military
Why the United States should sell the F-22 to its most important Asian ally
Japanese MoD maintains plan to pursue F-22
Former Japanese air force chief justifies colonialism and militarism
China eyes South African weaponry
South Korea to Invest in Aircraft Development and Production
S. Korea to Develop Trainer Into Light Fighter



S.Korea buys Indonesian plane
Japan putting $689M toward realignment of U.S. forces
Govt likely to drop plan to procure F-22 planes
China Considering Building a Carrier: Official
Japan pulls out last batch of main ASDF troops from Iraq mission
Bilateral relations strengthen bonds
Defense budget edges down on bulk arms buys
Last of 3 Japanese planes departs Iraq
Japanese Boeing tanker malfunctions and conducts emergency landing
Taiwan Gets E-2C Upgrade
Ousted air force chief calls for nuclear Japan
F-22As Scheduled to Deploy to Japan, Guam
Indonesian Air Force Awards ST Aerospace With C-130B Retrofit Contract
Boom problem on Japanese 767 tanker
More unexploded WWII ordnance disposed of on Okinawa
Malaysia to postpone airborne early warning competition
Japan Should Examine Pursuing Nuclear Weapons, Says Ex-Air Force Chief
ST Aero to upgrade Indonesian C-130s

Mitsubishi to lead Japanese F-15 upgrades
Japan Says Missile Defense Test Failed
Japanese Troops Conduct Successful Patriot Firings at Fort Bliss
Japan/U.S. Missile Defense Flight Test Completed

Thai army chooses Russian helicopters

China Complains, Taiwan Celebrates After Arms Sale
F-22 Raptors to Japan?
Eurofighter gets serious about Japan's F-X contest
Philippine AIr Force Seeking New Utility Chppers

North Korea Completing New Missile Site
Japan confirms delay in fighter competition
Singapore to get additional G550 as AEW trainer
South Korea Opens Aircraft Testing Center
Japan's ATD-X stealth fighter suffers funding crunch
Japan receives first Kawasaki XP-1 maritime patrol aircraft

Boeing Resumes Flight Testing of Japan KC-767 Tanker

Taiwan Seeking a Better F-CK, With Possible Longer-Term Aspirations
Singapore eliminates BAE Hawk from trainer contest
South Korea seeks additional CN-235s

Chinese Military Evacuates Millions

Philippine air force orders more SF-260 trainers
Lockheed Martin Wins Republic of Singapore Air Force Contract for Sniper� Advanced Targeting Pods

Japan Coast Guard Takes Delivery Of Its First Three AW139 Helicopters
Lockheed & Mitsubishi�s F-2 Fighter Partnership

Second KC-767 Tanker to Japan

First KC-767 Tanker for Japan
FAA Certifies Japan KC-767 Tanker

South Korea moves closer to follow-on Boeing F-15K buy
Thai cabinet approves budget for Saab Gripen fighters
RAST System for Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force



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